The Stages In Turkish Folklore Research And Application Center ‘S Establishment

Gazi University Rectorship, with 12/12/2002 dated and numbered.30.2. DAY. writing, notified its proposal to YOK.

At YOK, executive council’s 07 August 2003 dated meeting the law no 2447 different from the law no. 2880, in accordance with as per article 7/d-2, decided to the suitability of establishment of the Center. Center Regulations has become effective with the official gazette’s being published 21, September, 2003 dated and no. 25236 issue. Gazi University Rector ship’s 28, September, 2003 dated and numbered B.30.2.DAY. O7.0.71.07/7608-13567 writing, Prof. Dr. M.Öcal OĞUZ  is  tasked with as a manager  in accordance with the center regulations’ as per article 5.

In accordance with the Center Regulations as per article 6, Prof.Dr. Halit Çal, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pakize Aytaç, Assoc Prof. Dr. Metin Ergun, Assistant Professor İsmet Doğan, Assistant Professor Serpil Ortaç, Assistant Professor Ahsen Turan, Assistant Professor Ali Yakıcı, tasked with being board members by the Rectorship.