General Information

Turkish Folklore  Research And Application Center

Turkey is included in the agreement in 2006 and has been elected  to the international governmental committee that has the quality of board of management. After Turkey’s being a side, which take place in the scope of the agreement for the disciplines working on the products, yet another turn is taken. With the simplest example, in the disciplines, for the fields called as Turkish Folklore and in Anthropology, folk culture, traditional culture which are new, more inclusive and internationally valid are presented to circulate as a concept of intangible cultural heritage. At this point in Turkey, the academic institutions that studies on cultures and nongovernmental organizations should understand international attention and evaluate, and they have to determine their own direction. The center that is mentioned about its establishment aim, after its establishment, defined in SOKUM AGREEMENT INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE concept adopted as a working field and doing the necessary, takes it as its own mission. During about six years passed, the center in Turkey has been successful at interiorizing the agreement. Certainly, in this, the manager of the center Prof. Dr. M.Öcal OĞUZ‘s being Turkey’s representative, and his following up the processes closely at SOKUM Agreement’s international governmental meetings, is a  very important factor.